Mission Statement

Memphis Italian American Society Bocce Club

The Memphis Italian-American Society represents a continuous linear direct descendant
of the SOCIETA DI UNIONE E FRATELLANZA ITALIANA, (Italian Society) an organization
whose charter was granted by an Act of the Tennessee State Assembly in April of 1870.
The current MIAS was a reorganization of the Societa as a non profit corporation, granted a new charter by the State of Tennessee on June 20, 1988. This represents the oldest continually operated Chartered organization in the State of Tennessee.

Mission Statement
The organization (MIASBC) will sponsor activities designed to promote and preserve Italian and Italian-American Heritage throughout the tri-state Mid South area (TN, AR, and MS). It intends to raise funds for activities that build and strengthen the cultural identity of citizens of Italian descent while promoting a bias-free positive image for all Italian-Americans. It shall serve as a repository of documents, photographs and other historical data that chronologically exhibits the contributions made by our ancestors to the growth and development of Memphis and the surrounding tri-state area. Said repository shall be maintained and made available for research and study.  The MIASBC will partner with the UNICO Memphis Chapter Foundation (UMCF) a 501c3 organization with similar heritage objectives on certain events to provide synergies while offering donors the maximum charitable contribution deductions allowable by law.